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NORCO Threshold SL Frame & Fork

Las máquinas de competición de cyclocros de Norco estan diseñadas en la Costa Pacífica de Canadá, una región caracterizada por sus abundantes lluvias, el mejor lugar para poner al límite estas máquinas. Con frenos de disco y cuadro en fibra de carbono.

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Norco's Threshold Carbon is a cyclocross race machine developed on Canada's Pacific Coast: a region characterized by rugged landscapes and abundant precipitation. The Threshold is a product of our demanding environment and a symbol of Norco's distinctly Canadian take on the cyclocross tradition. Designed and tested in our backyard, and proven on racecourses around the world, the Threshold Carbon is how Norco does cyclocross.






Norco’s performance road frames feature Applied Road Compliance (ARC) technology, which optimizes the vertical compliance to lateral rigidity ratio for race and endurance applications. ARC seat stays are designed with a distinctive bow shape that works like micro-suspension to dampen fatiguing road vibrations. ARC technology enables us to maximize rider comfort without any sacrifice to the lateral stiffness that gives a high performance road bike its pedaling efficiency and explosiveness.

ARC Race: Seat stays are slender and feature a less pronounced bow shape that still delivers effective road vibration dampening. Chain stays are broad and extremely stiff to deliver maximum pedaling efficiency, and they are engineered to be slightly shorter to deliver a highly responsive ride experience.


By increasing tube profile dimensions in proportion with frame size, Norco engineers are able to calibrate frame stiffness to the weight of the prospective rider. This ensures that a heavier rider on an extra large frame will experience the same ride characteristics as a lighter rider on a small frame. Though the process is labour-intensive, the result is worth the effort: optimal ride characteristics, performance and comfort for riders of all sizes.


Norco’s SmoothCore process enables us to maintain precision control over all of the inner surfaces of our carbon frames, which is particularly critical at complicated, high-stress areas like the head tube and bottom bracket junctions. At the heart of SmoothCore is our innovative mandrel system.


Norco’s carbon frames are manufactured with only the highest quality materials, right down to the resin we use to hold everything together. Our superior quality ArmorLite resin produces an exceptionally strong bond that enhances frame strength and increases impact resistance.


The fully proprietary GIZMO system features two-piece GIZMO plugs that create a tight seal, blocking water and debris from entering the frame. GIZMO plugs pinch and hold cables firmly in place, preventing any rattling at entry and exit points. They also enable the rider to pull cables taught so that they can be prevented from rattling around inside the frame


Norco’s Power Chassis Design is the ultra-efficient power transfer system that gives our Revolver hardtail XC race bikes their responsiveness and explosive acceleration. The Power Chassis is a complete pedaling platform designed to convert energy from a rider’s whole body into forward momentum. The design begins at the tapered head tube and leads down through an oversized, down tube that creates an extremely stiff linkage between the front and back end of the bike. The down tube leads into an oversized, super-stiff bottom bracket shell designed to house the most efficient cranks available today. The oversized BB area then leads through to an especially broad set of chain stays, engineered to conduct energy directly from cranks through to the back wheel where they are converted into forward thrust.