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POC Essential Lt Wind Jacket

Chaqueta super ligera, transpirable y antiviento. Transparente, con tratamiento DWR. 500 mm de columna de agua. Perfecta para condiciones cambiantes. Fácilmente almacenable. Logo reflectante.

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The Essential Lt. Wind Jacket is lightweight and windproof and has mesh fabric under the arms for increased breathability and comfort. The transparent DWR treated jacket is designed for changeable conditions and is water-repellent and easily stowable.

The jacket is fluorescent orange at wrists and has a reflective logo at back for improved visibility.



AVIP – Attention Visibility Interaction Protection


We are proud to share our most ambitious initiative to date, promoting safety for road cyclists; AVIP. AVIP stands for Attention, Visibility, Interaction, Protection and is our first specific road bike range.

With the hazardous reality of sharing the roads with motorists, the need for proactive safety and protection is more evident than in most other cases. With the strong passion that runs through the POC team, and our clear mission, we felt that we now had to contribute our approach and technologies.

Besides developing high performance helmets, the intention has been to contribute new ideas, innovations and solutions for improved safety, protection and performance. These have been built on understanding the behavior within defined environments, interaction with other people, vehicles and landscapes.

We have challenged ourselves to come up with new and more specific products and concepts with the goal of supporting a safer ride.

To best manage this challenge we have engaged experts from other fields to apply a cross-scientific approach and investigate areas such as perception, visibility, color, contrast, communication, psychology, digital technology, aerodynamics and more.

We have combined all this with our own experience and history of developing award winning protection and concepts. The idea has been to cover a palette of safety areas, from proactive aspects via communication to protection and post safety solutions, without ever compromising on performance.

We want to redefine the future of road biking - AVIP represents the beginning of our vision.




We have challenged ourselves to come up with new and innovative products with the goal of supporting a safer ride.

Besides developing high performance helmets, which promote new safety features, aerodynamics and overall performance, there are a number of new functional, technical, performance products for road bike cyclists.

These have been developed to support attention and visibility, including the finest and most uncompromising cycling clothing, materials, making, accessories and functional details for efficacy, without sacrificing safety.

When we identified the need to bring our unique approach to safety and performance to road bike helmets, we naturally wanted to use the knowledge and technology we gained in making award winning and revolutionary ski helmets and transfer that experience to build optimal road bike helmets.

The concepts, which we initially used for ski and mountain bike helmets, have been further developed and refined to meet all the demands of today’s road bike users. New approaches to the strategic use of EPS, ventilation, aerodynamics, visibility and using an innovative fully wrapped unibody construction provide improved protection with ultimate aerodynamic performance.

Apparel line
POC’s first line of specific road bike wear, AVIP Essentials, contains a number of high performing garments that have been engineered with performance, comfort, aerodynamic and proactive safety in mind. AVIP Essentials has been designed to give you a core performance cycling wardrobe and our approach has been to develop a range, which can be used by all cyclists in all conditions.

By using some of most progressive fabrics available - and by working closely with some of the industries most skilled, experienced and competent makers - we have been able to develop a range based on layers and combinations to provide maximum versatility and avoiding products with a limited and narrow use.



Research & Innovation


AVIP is a concept that has been created in collaboration with some of the best minds in science, health and technology to redefine the future of road bike safety and performance.

POC was established through a collective desire to make a difference and give everyone the best possible safety and confidence in their chosen sports. This idea has been embodied in our mission and through a cross-scientific approach to develop reliable and uncompromising protection.

AVIP has required us to explore, evaluate and find new ways to promote safety. Through our medical and performance forums, POC Lab and WATTS Lab, we have investigated and researched different areas to better understand the specific hazards in road cycling and where gains could be made.

We have placed significant time and effort in a numbers of different fields, such as color, contrast, aerodynamics and anthropology to better understand what we needed to translate and focus on in order to improve road bike safety, without compromising on performance.


To be at the forefront of safety, innovation and development we established POC Lab. It is our scientific forum, which brings together experts from a range of disciplines and medicine. They support and advise us to ensure that what we develop is the most reliable and advanced protection on the market.

POC Lab allows us to collaborate with some of the world’s foremost sports medicine experts, brain scientists and specialists in spinal cord injuries. The members of the POC Lab are carefully selected for their unique expertise and each member shares POC’s mission to do the best we can to possibly save lives and to reduce the consequences of accidents.


Our vision for AVIP has always been to develop a road bike range that does not compromise on safety or performance. To achieve higher levels of performance, and balance the expertise we gain from POC lab in safety, we needed to set new standards and established WATTS Lab, a highly specialized department to translate and develop our AVIP vision.

The objective for the team in WATTS Lab is to optimize POC products to allow the cyclist to go faster using less energy. To achieve this, tests has been conducted to ensure minimal drag, optimize speed and to reduce the energy output by the rider. We have used external testing facilities and pro cyclist to create a framework to test all aspects of aerodynamic performance.

The results and knowledge gained has allowed us to refine our AVIP products.