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FINISH LINE Cera Lubricante 120ml

Bote grande. Lubricante a la cera seca que asegura una limpieza total. Deja una capa que evita que se absorba ningún tipo de suciedad. Previene el desgaste abrasivo. No ensucia la cadena ni la transmisión. 120 ml.

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Finish Line's WAX Lube goes on wet, but sets up with a hard, dry, super-slick wax film. WAX Lube contains no oily or greasy ingredients to attract or absorb dirt. The addition of molybdenum in Finish Line's wax film enhances lubricity and increases lubrication intervals. Your drivetrain will remain nearly contaminant free and clean to the touch. Cleaning before relubing is usually not required, however WAX Lube needs to be applied more frequently than DRY or WET.

Finish Line's WAX Lube delivers a drivetrain that will remain virtually free of abrasive contaminants. This ensures that drivetrain parts last longer and perform better! Perfect for cyclist who value cleanliness over all else. Great for off road rides in dry, dusty conditions, and on road rides in dry conditions, up to 50 miles.