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POC iPhone 5/5s VPD 2.0 Case

Blindaje protector para tu iPhone 5/5s con la tecnología de absorción de impactos de POC. Diseñado como un casco, tiene cubierta exterior de policarbonato y cuenta en el interior de la carcasa con revestimiento en material VPD2.0 para la máxima absorción de impactos.

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La funda se ha diseñado como un casco. Cuenta con una cubierta exterior de policarbonato, para apoyar contra abolladuras, de baja fricción que difunde la energía sobre un área más grande y por lo tanto reduce la energía de impacto. En el interior de la carcasa hay un material de revestimiento de absorción de choques, VPD 2.0, que es lo que marca la gran diferencia, reduciendo la energía de los  impactos hasta un 56%. La parte superior de la concha es brillante fácilmente para deslizar hacia abajo en un bolsillo, para arriba-lado-abajo y la parte inferior por un acabado en goma.



Smartphones are rapidly becoming communication hubs, complying and supporting different user needs. For POC, promoting safety and performance among gravity sports athletes around the world, the smartphone has become a tool, which is being regarded and integrated in our product development.

Beyond the expected and general use, POC has a number of electronic and digital products supporting communication and safety, where the smart phone is the essential node. The diffe- rent user needs stretch from GPS tracking and accelerometers to QR Emergency Information, audio, Strava or other apps and other services in pipeline.

With the smartphone becoming an increasingly significant device that needs to be reliable and may prove vital, we decided to use our award winning and impact absorbent VPD com- pound, which has proven superior for impacts in our body armor collection. This has allowed us to build slim and reliable cases protecting your phone, designed and engineered to be used on the slope or the ride. 

The case is engineered like a helmet. It has an outer shell made of Polycarbonate, to support anti-denting, low friction and to spread the energy over a larger area and therefore reducing impact energy. On the inside of the shell there is a shock absorbing liner material, POC VPD 2.0. The VPD is what makes the big difference reducing impact energy by as much as 56%. The upper part of the shell is shiny to slip easily down a pocket, up-side-down and the lower part in a rubbery finish to support grip, when pulling out and handling.

The VPD (Visco-Elastic Polymer Dough) range is highly impact absorbent, comfortable, ligthweight and adapts to create an individual fit. VPD has given us a completely new approach to developing body armor and due to its high level of protection and the ability to transition from soft to hard during impact, we don’t have to choose between safety and flexibility.

Lots of body armor may be lightweight but is not optimal for repetative impacts. Some may take one impact with good absorption, but a second impact to the protector will transfer
a much higher amount of energy to the user, the third an even greater amount and so on. VPD protectors retain the same high absorption level regardless of number of impacts. This is an important function to us since we believe that a protector will have several impacts during one fall, and during its lifetime.

We do everything we can to give you the highest level of protection, but we also want our armor to be comfortable. Anatomically and ergonomically it follows the shape of your body to give you complete freedom of movement. Another major advantage of the POC body armor is the highly efficient ventilation technology, which will keep you cool and allows you to focus on your ride.